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Industrial Assembly, Contract and Series Assembly

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Short & sweet

Assembly at AMS: industrial scale + contract assembly

Assembly lines: reduced set-up times + short throughput times

Your advantages: high quality + moderate costs

Our services

  • Industrial assembly
  • Series assembly
  • Contract assembly
  • Single pieces
  • Pilot runs (0-series)
  • Small series
  • Middle size series
  • Mass production

Putting It All Together – Assembly at AMS

In our assembly department, we´re putting it all together – in the right order and with the required sensitivity, naturally!

At AMS, we assemble small, medium and large series at an industrial scale (industrial assembly, series assembly).

We not only assemble self-produced components and (pre-assembled) assemblies, but also, if required, on contract (contract assembly).

Konstruktion AMS ALF Animation Explosionszeichnung

The big picture is created

When individual, single components and assemblies come together to form a large whole and the fully assembled product comes to life, it is always a very magical moment.

Hans Hansen, Assembly operator

Efficiency, quality and costs

Efficiently designed assembly lines ensure that set-up times are reduced and short throughput times are realized.

This is how we assemble with consistently high quality – at moderate costs.

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