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Solartektor im Einsatz (blauer Laserstrahl)


  • Detection and localisation of error sources in solar systems at module level without dismantling & mounting
  • Next generation complete system analysis and fault detection
  • very short downtime, gentle on materials and high occupational safety

Together with our customer Solartektor, we have developed a method that revolutionizes the detection and localization of error sources in solar systems.

By means of a laser measuring method developed in our company, comprehensive analyses of solar systems can be carried out without dismantling and assembly work.

Solartektor-Range of services:

  •     error analysis without disassembly and assembly work
  •     Visual inspection
  •     Functional testing at module level
  •     Line break test (cable breaks and open plug connections)
  •     Insulation measurement incl. fault location
  •     String analysis/ string assignment check
  •     Current, voltage and power measurement
  •     Bypass diode fault detection
  •     Thermographic measurements


After completion of the Solartektor process:

  •     exact information about existing defects and their localization
  •     Precise recommendations for optimisation possibilities
  •     detailed, comprehensible documentation
  •     Preparation of expert opinions by solar panel/ based on the solar panel procedure possible

Advantages of the Solartektor process at a glance:

  •     Detection and localization of error sources in one step
  •     accurate, unerring and cost-effective
  •     no new sources of error due to disassembly and reassembly
  •     also e.g. cable breaks and insulation faults are detected (these often remain hidden despite dismantling of modules)
  •     Loss of yield due to lack of power (unused system power due to failure of individual modules or entire strings) can be avoided

Further information and ordering options can be found on the Solartektor website at: