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Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) @ AMS

AMS EMS Produktion

Abbreviations often cause more questions than answers, but AMS and EMS belong together.

At AMS we develop and produce electronics and mechanics. 

We are providers of "Electronic Manufacturing Services" (EMS) and offer you all development and manufacturing services from a single source - from the idea, the first draft to the final tested, fully assembled and packaged end product.

EMS 'range of services is wide. We provide a clear overview - and are happy to advise.

With us you get exactly the services you need - professional, high quality and reliable. //Contact

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What are Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)?

The term Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) describes companies that act as manufacturing service providers for electronic components, assemblies (printed circuit boards, circuit boards), devices and systems up to complex electronic system solutions. EMS also refers to the services related to the development, manufacture and testing of electronics itself. In some cases the term electronic contract manufacturing (ECM) is used synonymously.


EMS usually act on behalf of original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and in terms of the type and scope of the services to be performed according to the client's specific specifications (contract manufacturer).

In this context, contract manufacturing / contract manufacturers, or, in relation to the provision of production services, contract assembly / placement staff is often spoken of.

What are the advantages of Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)?

The use of EMS offers various advantages for the customer. EMS can be seen as a method of outsourcing, in which various processes of the client are completely or partially outsourced.

Most of these are parts of electronics production, although EMS is not limited to this. In addition to the partial outsourcing of production, the complete outsourcing of these, but also of sub-processes - e.g. electronics development, the development of test procedures and concepts, test adapters / systems etc. - are conceivable fields of application.

The advantages resulting from this are obvious: EMS specialists have specific core competencies and experience with which, due to their specialization, there are comparative cost advantages - which the contract manufacturer can pass on directly to the client.

If the client is not specialized in the development and production / manufacture of electronics - or if the available capacities are not sufficient - the decision for an experienced EMS specialist is a real win-win decision.

Manufacturing service providers take on that which does not correspond to the client's core business areas - or supplement their existing capacities in terms of personnel, machinery, experience and competence as a sub-supplier or "extended workbench".

The client can concentrate fully on his main business areas - and focus more on the development of new products, marketing and sales, for example.

This gives him greater flexibility with regard to the available capacities - and he can draw on a large pool of long-standing specialists, experts, professionals and modern machinery as required.


EMS from AMS:

We are an EMS full-service provider with our own departments for electronics development, electronics manufacturing, quality assurance and testing, assembly (electronics assembly / device assembly) and logistics.

In this way we cover the entire spectrum of EMS services and can react flexibly to your requirements.

Of course, all EMS services are also available as modular components.

In addition, AMS has its own mechanical department with design and manufacturing, so that you really get all services from a single source

- all the way to the finished product, packaging suitable for end customers - and international shipping.

What is the range of services of Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)?

The range of services offered by EMS is broad, interdisciplinary - and goes far beyond the activities of a pure manufacturing service provider/contract assembler.

You can get an overview of the specific services of EMS here. //Range of services - EMS from AMS

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