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Project Planning and Project Implementation - with AMS to Success

AMS Projekterfolg

Short & sweet

-project success: expertisecreative ideas & sophisticated solutions

-consulting: startups + projects

-product and project ideas: product personalitysharpening project´s objects and objectives

-concretion: requirement analysis + conceptual design & specifications

-feasibility and practicability: feasibility analysis + effort estimation

-key to success: key role(s) in projects + shaping together

Our services

  • Product idea development and concretization
  • Consulting startups and in projects
  • Requirement and comprehensive analysis
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Key role(s) in projects

From the First Idea to the Finished Project - AMS as Your Partner for Project Planning and Project Implementation

We would appreciate to contribute to your projects with our expertise, creative ideas and sophisticated solutions – and lead them – together with you – to success!

Jedem Anfang wohnt ein Zauber inne

When pioneering spirit and longtime expertise meet, overwhelming results can be achieved. Inspired by this unique feeling of work, even challenges initially considered impossible can often be solved. Our employees will be happy to advise you and to be your reliable partner in relevant projects.

Well planned is half the battle

In order to give your project the right direction, it is first necessary to concretise the product idea towards a product personality and to sharpen the project´s objects and objectives.

The elaboration and adequate specification of a first idea are followed by a profound requirements analysis, a more detailed conception design and specifications.

As part of a feasibility analysis, we determine whether and how the project can (probably) be implemented – and estimate the effort to be expected accordingly.

These planning steps are of considerable importance for further success. We would be happy to contribute with our wide expertise.

Gut geplant ist halb gewonnen
Unsere Schlüsselrolle(n) in Ihren Projekten

Our key role(s) in your projects

We would be more than glad to take key roles in your project – and shape together. Contact us. //Contact