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Mechanics – Design & Manufacturing

AMS Mechanik - CNC-Fräse

Short & sweet

3D-design: computer-aided design (CAD) + experienced engineers

CAD / CAM-Connectivity: computer-aided design (CAD) + computer-aided manufacturing (CAM

Modern CNC milling systems: Deckel-Maho DMU 50 eVolution / Deckel-Maho DMU 50 eVo Linear Universal + Cronum 600.5X

Performance spectrum: Four + five-axis simultaneous machining

Our services

  • Mechanical components
  • Mechanical assemblies
  • Apparatus
  • Test adaptors
  • Housings
  • Housing components
  • Retrofit / Retrofitting of machines and plants

Every Part a Masterpiece – Mechanics at AMS

In our mechanics department, we design and manufacture mechanical components, assemblies, devices, adapters and much more according to the requirements of our customers.

Mann mit Monitoren im Hindergrund

Design and manufacturing of mechanical components and assemblies

Whether a one-off or a mass-produced item – a mounting or demounting device, a testadapter, a jig/ clamping tool, a housing or housing components:

Every part produced by us is a masterpiece.

Individually designed, precisely machined and filed out to the smallest detail! Our basis are state of the art technologies, first-class starting materials and experienced, trained specialists.

Components come from selected suppliers throughout the world who we have been dealing with for years.

Design of mechanical components and assemblies

We design computer-aided by using high-tech 3D-Software solutions (computer-aided designCAD) – which we directly connect to our machining centers (computer-aided manufacturing, CAM).

From design to manufacturing

By doing so, the transitions between design and manufacturing are seamless – facilitating a quick and perfect result.

These are our ingredients for the outstanding manufacturing results we achieve: masterpieces – no doubt.

Fräskopf der DG Mori

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