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Electronics Development and Development Services

Leiterplatten Design

Short & sweet

circuit design + circuit diagram design

- circuit design: analogue + digital designs

- strong focus on: performance & efficiency + optimal component costs

- PCB design/ layouting: computer aided design (CAD) + comprehensive simulations

- software: software + firmware development

- product development: Proof of Concept + functional modeling

- existing solutions: redesign + troubleshotting & repair

- reaching series production readiness: prototypes + production-ready products

- accurate testing: test adapters & test systems

- market launch: preparation and realisation of approvals, certifications, declarations of conformity + inspections of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

Our services

  • Circuit design
  • Circuit diagram design
  • Analogue designs
  • Digital designs
  • PCB design / layout
  • Software & firmware development
  • Proof of Concept, functional modeling
  • Redesign
  • Prototype development and testing
  • Development of series production ready products
  • Test devices and adaptors development
  • Preparation and realisation of approvals and certifications
  • Inspections of electromagnetic compatibility, EMC

Strong in Electronics Development – The Development Services of AMS

The portfolio of our development services in electronics is wide. The longstanding experience of many specialists in our company give you the certainty that you will receive all development services from a single source – experienced, competent and well-thought-out down to the last detail.

Elektronik Schaltungsentwicklung Leiterplatte mit Motor

Well-thought-out and switched quickly

Circuit development and circuit diagram development are a particular field of experience at AMS. Here we develop circuits in analogue and digital designs in a highly specific and individual manner – with an eye for detail and a sharp pencil.

This is how we get the best performance and the highest efficiency out of your circuit – with the optimal component costs.

We are happy to prepare the best component selection for you – and advise you on meaningful alternatives.

In PCB design / layout we design circuit boards supported by State of the Art computer-aided design systems (CAD). In particular we pay attention to the strategic placement of the components, their alignment and organisation, the correct alignment of the power supply and ground surfaces, the correct connection of the signal conductor tracks, the track width according to the requirements, the minimisation of inferences, optimal heat management and much more.

Carefully designed, extensively tested in simulations and finally produced

The circuits and circuit board layouts carefully and conscientiously designed by us are first extensively tested in software-based simulations. In this way, most correction loops can be already run through before even the first conductor track is routed. This reduces costs – and the iterations that may be necessary.

Elektronik Entwicklung Simulation IC NE555 mit LTSplice
Elektronik Entwicklung Design Sensoren

Software meets hardware

When software meets hardware, it is important that everything works together properly – and that the capabilities of the components used match the requirements of the software.

As part of our software and firmware development, we ensure that the electronics obtain the desired functions – and carry them out properly.

Our secrets to mastering any challenge

With our interdisciplinary teams, we develop and test prototypes, production-ready products, test adapters and test systems. In this way, all conceivable scenarios can be adequately and extensively tested prior to market launch, such that only is launched to the market, what is really perfect. In order to do so, we incorporate the wide range of experience of many long-standing specialists from various disciplines.

Funktionsmuster/ Proof-of-Concept zur Erprobung einer Motorsteuerung mit Bedienteil

When a quick testability is required – with manageable effort

For a quick testability in product development we regularly carry out a proof-of-concept first. With the least possible effort, we develop a functional model that is used for carrying out initial tests and trials.

When old (almost) becomes new

Sometimes it doesn't always have to be brand new. Proven electronics may have extremely long life cycles – and can be used for years or even decades in the same or similar manner. However, in order to ensure an adequate component supply and adaptation to technical improvements, we also carry out redesigns of electronics / electrical systems.

Particularly in the context of long-life systems with high-quality electronical components, there may be good reasons why repairing defective modules is the way to go (and a real economic alternative). Our long-standing experience helps us to carry out targeted troubleshootings – and to find economic substitutes, in case original components are no longer supplied.

Elektronik Reparaturplatz
Fertig Produkt

Last but not least

The product development phase is followed by the market launch – and finally the pratical use at your customer´s side.

In order for this to be on safe feet, approval tests, certifications and declarations of conformity are required.

We support you on their preparation and realisation.

We furthermore carry out inspections of electromagnetic compatibility tests (EMC) or have them carried out for you by appropriately certified experts.