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Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP) - Modern control development at AMS

Elektronik Entwicklung Simulation mit LTSplice

Briefly told

The development of prototypes in electronics has accelerated considerably in recent years.

This means that results can be achieved faster and development approaches can be tried out quickly.

There has been a significant change in the development of controls. Today, this takes place much more in the development and simulation environments than in the past.

This means that all conceivable scenarios can be run through even before a control unit is actually designed and programmed.

Holger Carstensen, electronics-developer

Rapid Control Prototyping – computer-aided control development and testing in simulation environments

We use the computer-aided design method of rapid control prototyping in control development.

For this purpose, we dynamically describe and model the system to be automated, initially produce the control design based on the model and then implement it on the control unit itself.

We first test the solution with computer support in a simulation environment and then on the control unit itself.

Elektronik Entwicklung Simulation IC NE555 mit LTSplice

Advantages of Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP)

The advanced approach of rapid control prototyping offers considerable advantages over classical methods and process models.

In this way, rapid control prototyping simplifies the development process and the individual development steps can be passed through more easily.

In this way, the increasingly complex tasks can be broken down more purposefully and solved more efficiently.