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Development of Electronics and more – Assemblies, Complex Systems and Final Solutions and Products

Entwicklung bei AMS

Briefly told

It could never be boring!

The development of totally individual solutions, precisely designed for a particular customer, is always an incredibly exciting process.

Holger Carstensen, System Developer

Our services

  • Product idea development and concretization
  • Consulting startups and in projects
  • Requirement and comprehensive analysis
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Key role(s) in projects
  • Circuit diagram design
  • Circuit design
  • Analogue designs
  • Digital designs
  • PCB design / layout
  • Software & firmware development
  • Proof of Concept, functional modeling
  • Redesign
  • Prototype development and testing
  • Development of series production ready products
  • Test devices and adaptors development
  • Preparation and realisation of approvals and certifications
  • Inspections of electromagnetic compatibility, EMC

Innovative, Individual and Interdisciplinary – Development at AMS

Whether complex systems or small-scale programs – assemblies, embedded systems or complete electronical and mechanical solutions and products:

Our development work always starts with a comprehensive analysis of the individual requirements and processes in the customer's business.

Mitarbeiterin bei der Handbestückung von Platinen

From the idea to a fully functional prototype – and to production readiness

Through continuous close cooperation with our customers we establish specific objectives.

Subsequently, we enhance these objectives and our implementation ideas – in close collaboration with our customers – from the first draft to a fully functional prototype. And finally, to a series production ready product.

Meanwhile, we rely on extensive tests and versatile, practical trials.

Our aim:

"If it’s technically feasible, we’ll do it."

Provided that the outlay is worthwhile for our customers and a really close match with their demands.

Bedienung der Fräse


A team of engineers, hardware and software developers combine with experts in production and mechanics to devise the project design. It is this interdisciplinary cooperation between different fields that ensures success.

From development to production

And guarantees a smooth production and introduction phase.

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