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CNC production/ precision CNC machining (chipping) of prototypes, small and medium series: CNC-turned and CNC-milled parts from AMS

Bedienung der Fräse

Short & sweet

Machining technology: CNC production + CNC machining

contract manufacturer: mechanical production + contract manufacturing

Computer Numerical Control (CNC): CNC turned parts + CNC milled parts

Mechanics: mechanical components + assemblies

Production: high quality + precise

Quality: Wear + stress tests

CAD / CAM connection: computer-aided design (CAD) + computer-aided manufacturing (CAM)

Modern CNC milling systems: Deckel-Maho DMU 50 eVolution / Deckel-Maho DMU 50 eVo Linear Universal + Cronum 600.5X

Performance spectrum: Four- + five-axis simultaneous machining

Our services

  • CNC machining
  • CNC processing
  • Mechanical production
  • Contract manufacturing
  • CNC-milled parts
  • CNC turned parts
  • Workpieces
  • Mechanical components
  • Mechanical assemblies
  • Apparatus
  • Adapter
  • Adaptionen
  • Test adaptors
  • Housings
  • Housing components
  • Retrofit / Retrofitting of machines and plants
  • Prototypes
  • Unique pieces
  • Small series
  • Middle size series
  • Mechanical endurance tests
  • Mechanical wearing tests

High-Tech for the Highest Requirements – Manufacturing at AMS

Mechanical components and assemblies (CNC milled parts and CNC turned parts) have many faces:

whether (clamping and holding) devices, (test) adapters, housings, case parts or other things.

They do have one thing in common:

They must be made of high-quality - and the rightly selected - materials - precise and sophisticated down to the last detail.

Entwicklung - Testadapter für mobile Endgeräte/ Smartphones

Mechanical contract manufacturing / job order production

At AMS, you can obtain our services in CNC production/ CNC machining as a modular component or as part of our comprehensive range of services.

As a manufacturing service provider, we fully adapt to your requirements - from the design and production of CNC turned parts + CNC milled parts to the development and production of the device electronics as well as final assembly, you really get everything from one source! //Electronics //Assembly

A real unique selling point in the region

Our wide range of services and the high vertical range of manufacture are probably an essential unique selling point in our region - Flensburg in Schleswig-Holstein, Northern Germany.

In the immediate vicinity of the Danish border we produce and manufacture turned and milled parts with precision. Whether individual machining steps or complete machining on our CNC turning-milling centres - regionally, nationally and internationally.

AMS beliggenhed
Montage Montagehilfe

A wide range of materials in the CNC production/ CNC processing of AMS

On our modern CNC milling machines we process (turn, mill) the most different materials with high precision.

Whether steel, stainless steel, technical plastics or any machinable non-ferrous metals - our manufacturing competences are versatile. Together we select the optimum material for your requirements.

Quality check

Quality is proven in comprehensive wear and stress tests - a test we are happy to face. //Quality, test procedures and traceability



AMS Qualität Verschleiß- und Belastungstests
Mechanik CAM-Simulation Fräsprozess

High-tech for the highest requirements – seamless interoperability through CAD-CAM connections

To ensure that the leap from design to manufacturing is seamless, we rely on high-tech for the highest requirements:

Direct data transfer from the CAD-CAM system to the production line – consisting of modern four and five-axis machining centres (Cincinnati, Deckel-Maho) – guarantees problem-free production. All units are mutually compatible.

From design to manufacturing – and beyond

By doing so, production start is just a push of a button – and output peaks can be distribute across the whole of our plant.

That enables us to promptly adapt to requests and to supply on time.

Accurately manufactured and precisely fitting – unquestioning.

AMS Mechanik - CNC-Fräse