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Logistics – Where All Threads Come Together

AMS Logistik

Short & sweet

Logistics at AMS: goods receiving + issuing

Goods: procured and supplied materials and intermediate products + produced and finally quality-tested products

Role and function: smooth transitions + efficient processes

Your advantages: reasonable effort + low costs

– with high flexibility

Our services

  • Internal function of goods receiving + issuing
  • Handling of procured and supplied materials and intermediate products
  • Delivery of our final assemblies and products
  • End customers suitable packaging
  • Delivery directly to your end customers
  • Smooth transitions
  • Efficient processes
  • High flexibility

Resided in Flensburg, at Home All Over The World – The Supply Chains of AMS

In our logistics department all threads come together:

It is the central linchpin of incoming and outgoing goods and has a central intermediary function at AMS.

Reibungslose Schnittstellen

Smooth transitions – and efficient processes

Whether materials, components and pre-products procured by us, provided by our customers or our final assemblies and products:

Everything that goes in or out finds its further way in our logistics department.

Our logistics department ensures, that everything runs smoothly – in terms of efficient processes.

Reasonable effort, low costs – and flexible delivery routes

To keep the effort reasonable and costs low, we likely deliver our final products directly to your end customers – or to a warehouse of your choice.

If required in end customers suitable packagingsecurely packed – neutral if requested – and timely.

Flexible Lieferwege