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Adapter solutions / adapters for the Automatic Label Feeder ALF from AMS

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In addition to the features of a high level of technical maturity, intuitive handling, robustness and long-term durability, which we take for granted, we offer our customers another central advantage with our Automatic Label Feeders ALF:

Probably the most flexible, customer-specific adapter solution in this segment.

We currently provide adapters for 19 manufacturers only in the area of SMT placement machines.

We also develop completely customized adapter solutions – for electronics production, special machine construction and other areas.

Mirco Schütz, Sales Automatic Label Feeder ALF

For our Label Feeder ALF, we offer a broad range adapter solutions / adapters that have been developed and are already extensively tested in practice.

We currently support various pick-and-place machines from a large number of different manufacturers, including:

  • Assembleon
  • Autotronik
  • DATA I/O
  • Essemtec
  • Europlacer
  • Fritsch
  • Fuji
  • Heeb-INOTEC
  • Hitachi
  • Inotec
  • JUKI
  • K&S
  • MyData Myronic
  • Panasonic
  • Samsung
  • Siplace ASM
  • Universal
  • Yamaha

Further adapters are currently under development.

We furthermore develop adapter solutions, that perfectly meet your individual requirements.

The field of application of our Label Feeder ALF is not only limited to pick-and-place machines.

The Automatic Label Feeders ALF from AMS are suitable for the implementation of automated label solutions in a wide variety of areas of application, in addition to electronics assembly, especially in special machine construction. For very individual requirements, we find individual solutions that perfectly match the needs of the customer.

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