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Electronics Production – Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)

Mitarbeiterin bei der Handbestückung von Platinen

Short & sweet

EMS at AMS: longtime experienced provider of "Electronic Manufacturing Services” (EMS) + experts in circuit boards mounting

Surface + hand mounting: Electronics production with modern manufacturing plant of Pick-and-place machines + Hand mouting (THT) by our very experienced, skilled employees

Human + machine: 171.000 components/ hour + approx. 100 skilled employees

Our services

  • Electronic Manufacturing Services / EMS
  • Contract PCB assembly
  • Surface mounting (SMT)
  • Hand mounting (THT)
  • Procurement of components
  • Material management
  • Quality assurance & testing
  • Coating and sealing
  • Potting and injection moulding
  • Single pieces
  • Pilot runs (0-series)
  • Small series
  • Middle size series
  • Mass production

Accurate, a Precise Fit and Perfect – Electronics Production at AMS

The mounted circuit board, the heart of any electronic product, not only needs to be intelligently designed but also produced to a perfect quality. In our company, that task is assumed by our skilled production and assembly teams, supported by engineers who follow both the development and the production process.

Elektronik Produktion Handbestückung Lithium-Batterien

Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)

The production process may either be part of a complex systems solution for our customer or part of a special sub-area.

For naturally, we also offer mounting of circuit boards as a modular component.

Further information related to EMS: //Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)

Surface mounting (Surface-mounted device)

Automatic SMT is the core of our state of the art production facilities. //Surface mounting

Elektronikproduktion SMD-Bestückungsautomat
Elektronik Handbestückung Leiterplatte Stromversorgung

Hand mounting (Through Hole Technology, THT)

But in those areas where machines cannot replace the human eye, our experienced manual assemblers make sure we meet our quality requirements. //Hand mounting

Quality testing

As part of quality testing, all circuit boards pass through our strict final testing systems, which examine the components for completeness, position and polarity. In addition, our unified labelling system for individual components guarantees that each part can be reliably traced (traceability). //Traceability

Elektronik Lackierung

Quality deserves a long life – and optimal way protection

For ensuring a particularly long durability – especially with regard to sensitive components – we offer special sealing (surface sealing, coating), potting, injection moulding and beyond coating of the finalized circuit boards. For doing so, we rely on special silicones as well as insulating and protective paints. We kindly advise you. //Contact

Last but not least

Pleasurely – if desired – we deliver our quality-tested final products to you in packaging suitable for end customers – or directly to your customers. //Logistics

AMS Logistik

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Surface Mounting

Siemens SMD-Bestückungsautomat in der Elektronikproduktion bei AMS

With our state of the art manufacturing plant we at AMS surface mount circuit boards in our SMT assembly. Automatic SMT is the core of our production facilities – operated and monitored by our experienced employees. Take a look into our production facilities: