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The Automatic Label Feeder ALF product lines from AMS: Traceability in perfect form

ALF Labelfeeder Serie

Automatic Label Feeder (ALF)

  •     powerful, mature feeder modules
  •     seamless tracking of assemblies and their components
  •     and many other fields of application
  •     Precisely positioned provision of labels
  •     Compatible with almost all pick and place machines
  •     can be used in combination with various special machines
  •     supported label sizes: from approx. 2x2 to 55x55 mm (depending on model)
  •     compact dimensions
  •     simple, user-friendly operation (menu guidance/control)
  •     Data interface to the control system (use optional)

Abbreviations often cause more questions than answers - but these acronyms belong together: AMS, ALF and EMS.


As a partner of the industry and provider of "Electronic Manufacturing Services" (EMS), we at AMS are very familiar with the cross-industry but also industry-specific requirements of the industry.

With our short service and delivery times, high flexibility and well calculated offers, we also act as an "extended workbench" - i.e. as a subcontractor - for the electronics industry and other industries.

In order to meet our own requirements in electronics production and mainly SMD assembly, we have developed our own product innovation:

    the Automatic Label Feeder (ALF).

With this we have reacted very early on to a requirement in the electronics industry that is becoming increasingly important:

    the seamless tracing of assemblies and their components

- and started a real success story!

Soon some of our customers and other producers in the electronics industry became aware of our in-house revolution in traceability and wanted to benefit from using ALF in their own production.

The demand for the Automatic Label Feeders (ALF) from AMS was overwhelming and in the meantime it is impossible to imagine the production halls of many companies in the electronics industry without them.

In the meantime ALF has developed into independent product lines of AMS and is marketed nationally and internationally together with sales partners.

The continuous further development has ensured that all experiences made in our own company as well as the experiences in use at our customers have been considered. Today our Label Feeder models are probably the most advanced products of their kind.

Would you also like to benefit from the traceability revolution in the electronics industry from Flensburg, Schleswig-Holstein?

Then get to know ALF better! - online or on site.

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